Municipal Committee Cheeka

Address __Cinema Road, Near Ch. Devi Lal Park, Cheeka, Tehsil, Guhla, Distt.Kaithal
Contact No. 01743-221503 , email

Brief note on the History of the town/city

Brief History of Cheeka Town
Cheeka is said to have derived its name from Kichak Raja which is called, CHEEKA. Municipal Committee, Cheeka the area lying between existing boundaries as defined in Haryana Government, Local Government Department (Committees) notification No. 33/44/80-2CI dated the 12 May, 1982

Cheeka lies on the main Kaithal-Patiala 98 KM from Chandigarh 55 KM west of Kuukshetra North Kaithal and South Patiala. It is at a distance of about 128 KM from Hissar on the National Highway No. 65 Ambala-Hissar road.

Geographical Locations.
The climate of the town is of pronounced i.e. very hot in summer and markedly cold in winter. It is high as 44C in summer and low as 5C in winter. The average rain fall of the town is 70.57 mm.

Population Projections
Population estimates are beset with many difficulties because so many extraneous factors and conditions determine the growth of population. The population estimates for Cheeka are more difficult because the town has been ups and downs in its decadal population variation. The population of the town during the year 1981, 1991, 2001 has varied as follows:-

Year Population Cheeka Town Population of District Kaithal

1961 —- 353239
1971 —- 487564
1981 —- 679460
1991 21090 781814
2001 32126 945631


Municipal Committee Cheeka

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