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Cheeka is said to have derived its name from historical story from Mahabharat i.e. King Kichak was ruling in this state. In the  present  Municipal Committee Cheeka  exists with the Local Government Department notification No. 13/14/80-2CI dated 12 May1982 after adding the village of Salempur and Guhla in this and having population 32,739 as per Census of  2001 the town increasing festally as the town is a markable position in industries,  rice Sheller  and other commercial activates. The town situated on Kaithal Patiala state highway having 30 Kilometer from Kaithal and about  to 40 Kilometer from Patiala.


     Cheeka  is a Sub-divisional Head quarter having mostly offices of all departments, Civil Courts, New Grain Market and Famous Marble Market etc. The town progressing fastely  in agricultural, industries and commercial  activities. If the assistance from NABARD received to the Municipal Committee then it can able to give the better facilities to the citizen of the town.

                      Cheeka is a big hub of businesses like rice mills and marble shops.Known as the marble city of Haryana, around 60 marble shops ply in the city. Cheeka grain market is one of the busiest markets of Haryana. A supermarket is there to serve the local residents as well as the people of nearby areas. the people of Cheeka have witnessed great changes in education in Cheeka over the years. There was a time when only Government schools were there to serve students of Cheeka. Now a lot of private schools have emerged in Cheeka. Unlike a decade ago, now parents are not worried about the education of their children. But still there is lack of teachers in science area. For higher education, DAV College and a government ITI are there to serve aspiring students. However students still prefer to approach nearby cities for higher education as Cheeka lacks centers of higher education. 

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