District Fatehabad is located in the south western part of Haryana, India on national highway no. 09. The Fatehbad town was founded by the emperor Firoze Shah Tughlaq and named after his son Fateh Khan in 1352 AD. The site on which the town was founded was a hunting ground. He dug a channel from the river Ghaggar in order to supply the town with water. He also built a fort which is now in ruins, the fortification walls can be seen on the east. of the town. The Fatehabad district was carved out of Hisar district on 15 July1997. It is surrounded by Punjab in North, district Hisar in south, district Jind in East and Rajasthan and district Sirsa in the West. A seasonal river Ghaggar flows through Ratia and Jakhal towns of the district enriching its soil for the production of cotton, paddy, pulses and sun-flower. The climate of the district is of tropical type with intensively hot summer and cool winter, with a temperature of 47 degree C in June and 2 degree C in December and January. Occasional fogs affect the district in the cold season. Animal Wealth of the district is murrah buffalo and dale sheep

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