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Julana Mandi was declared a small town committee in 1949. Initially Tahsildar, Jind, managed the affairs of the small town committee. It was raised to the status of class III municipality in 1955. With the passing of the Haryana Municipal Committee Act, 1973, it was converted into a Notified Area under an official administrator. It covered an area of 1.22 square kilometers and in 1971 served a population of 6,890 as against 5,155 in 1961.

The ground water of the town is brackish, hence the canal water is used from piped water-supply which was commissioned in 1970. Prior to the introduction of electric street lighting in the town, 4 petromax lamps and four kerosene lamps were used for street lighting in the town and these were replaced by electric points in 1959. In 1974-75 , 168 electric bulbs and 50 fluorescent tubes were provided in the town.

For sanitation purposes, the Notified Area has employed one Sanitary Sub- Inspector, one vaccinator, 13 full time sweepers and 5 part-time sweepers. To carry refuge, etc. to municipal dumps,10 wheel-barrows have been provided to the sweepers.-The nightspot of the town is removed by private sweepers to the fifth depots. From there, it is carried away by carts.

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