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The town Kanina, ancient name KANANA ruled by King Kalyan Singh . Who built the Lord Shiva temple at BHAGOT .Kanina is also famously known as Kanina Mandi. This mandi supplies both 'RABI' and 'KHARIF' crop products all over the country. The population of the town is around 16,090. Kanina Khas is the epi-centre for around 60 villages from Mahendergarh, Bhiwani and Rewari districts. In the month of March (Falgun) on Ekadashi every year, a big Mela is being organised in the name of Sant Baba Moladh Nath. Kanina is also known for its "BRAVERY & COURAGE" in Indian ARMED FORCES. As there is one VEER-CHAKRA and one ASHOK-CHAKRA and one police Medal on its credit along with many other awards. Kanina is moving towards sports excellence too as there was an athlete named Rao Sultan Singh Yadav who represented india in Helnsinki olympics 1952, at present time youth is working towards sports too. A professional bodybuilder named as Kuldeep Singh Yadav is doing extremely good in sports.

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