Chief Minister Photo

Sh. Manohar Lal Khatar

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Minister photo

Dr. Kamal Gupta

Hon'ble Urban Local Bodies Minister

The Municipal Committee was first constituted in 1867. It was reconstituted in 1886 as a Class-II Municipal Committee. In 1959, the Panipat New Township was also included in the municipal limits. Municipal Committee was converted into Municipal Council during the year 1994 after the city of Panipat was given the status of class-I city. The area of limit was extended again 1997 making it to a total of 22 square kilometers approximately. The status of Municipal Council, Panipat was elevated to that of Municipal Corporation in March, 2010 after including the adjoining area of some villages. Presently, the area of Municipal Corporation, Panipat is 56 square kilometers, approximately.

The Basic Civil amenities provided by the Municipal Corporation, Panipat included water supply, street lights, drainage, brick paving of streets, cleanliness of the city and disposal of refuse / garbage etc. The Municipal Corporation maintains 135 kilometers of roads under its territorial jurisdiction. It also runs 1 library, 1 reading room and maintains 165 parks. The year-wise details of income and expenditure of Municipal Council/Corporation during 1991-92 to 2010-2011 are provided in the record.

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