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Rajound Rajaund is a city in Kaithal District of Haryana State in India. This is an administrative block and sub-tehsil. Its population according to 2011 census is 17434. Rajound is located on State Highway no. 11 at Kaithal-Assandh section. Frequent bus service at every 10 minutes from Kaithal to Rajound is available. The land around Rajound is fertile and well irrigated by canal water and tubewells, it is a major producer of wheat and rice. Municipal Committee was constituted in 05-08-2013.  

Historical places in Rajound include:-

Makhdum Peer and Raju Peer, on Rajound to Mandhwal Road

Sultan Peer on Kotra Road

Baba Bahadurban Mandir, in the middle of the village

Shiv Mandir, near Baba Bahadurban Mandir

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