Chief Minister Photo

Sh. Manohar Lal Khatar

Hon'ble Chief Minister

Minister photo

Dr. Kamal Gupta

Hon'ble Urban Local Bodies Minister


Sirsa is a old city Which reside on railway line Bhatinda-Rewari and Delhi Fazilkan National Highway 9. In 1357 King Saras has build this city. Day by day this city knowned  by Sirsa. On that time this city was rich and famous in North India. In 1838 Captain Tharasabi has founded the present Sirsa. In 1858 to 1883 this city was District Head Quarter. In 1884 this city was merged District Hisar and then awarded as Tehsil. In Sirsa city Municipal Committee has established 1860. On implementation of Haryana Municipal Act 1973 and Notification 723-CI-73/22029 dated 20-07-1972 Municipal Council, Sirsa has dissolved. From dated 06-01-1988 Municipal Council, Sirsa again established by election. 

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