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Kalanaur is a significant town of Rohtak District in State of Haryana situated on Delhi–Rohtak–Bhiwani road. It is situated approximately 100 km from National Capital Delhi situated towards the western side of Delhi. It is situated at a distance of 20 km from Rohtak and 28 km from Bhiwani. The town of Bhiwani is towards the western direction, historical town Meham is situated in the northern side and Beri is situated in the southern direction of Kalanaur. The Delhi-Bhiwani Broadguage railway line passes through the town. Kalanaur is also surrounded by a group of small villages which includes Kherdi, Baund, Pilaur, Katesra, Gudhan, Sanghadhera, Ningana, Aanwal, Jindraan, Lahlii, Mokhra and Basana etc.

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