Comm. & Connectivity

Comm. & Connectivity

The Communication & Connectivity infrastructure Policy governs the installation of telecom infrastructure. The Department of Telecom (DoT) drafts the laws for installation of telecom Infrastructure. The CCIP policy contains rules regarding Mobile Tower, Fibre optics laying and Dish Antennas.

Department of technology (DoT) has considered the telecom infra as critical and  the telecom service will be essential service. The Haryana govt following Indian Telegraph Right to Way Rules 2016, has drafted the Haryana Communication & Connectivity Infrastructure policy .

For resolving the grievances, the Government has formed State Level Telecom committee (SLTC) and District level Telecom Committee (DLTC).

Apply for Mobile Tower installation 

Application for permission/renewal of permission for laying/establishment of underground Telegraph

Schedule of Rates for laying OFC & Mobile towers.

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