Municipal Council Bhiwani


Address:-Near Railway Station, Bhiwani.

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Brief note on the History of the town/city:-

Bhiwani city is mentioned in Ain-e-Akbari. It was founded by a Rajput King Neem after his wife named Bhani. The Bhani word letter changed to Bhiyani and subsequently to Bhiwani. Bhiwani has been a prominent center of commerce since the time of the Mughals. Bhiwani is also known for its temples and is known as the “Small Kashi” of India because of numerous temples. Gauri Shankar temple of Bhiwani is known throughout the country.


Bhiwani is a city and a municipal council in Bhiwani district in the state of Haryana, India. It is known as the city of temples. Besides being a seat of spiritual learning, the city has been the centerstage of regional politics. The city is hometown to three of Haryana’s chief ministers: BansiLal, Babu Gupta, and Hukum Chand. District Bhiwani was created on 22 July, 1972. The district headquarter is situated in Bhiwani town. Bhiwani has 442 villages, with main towns being CharkhiDadri, Loharu, BawaniKhera and Tosham. The total area of Bhiwani district is 5,099km². The city has been a conventional school of boxing, with almost all of the members of the Indian Boxing Squad coming from its SAI hostel itself. Late CaptHawa Singh, the legendary boxer, helped establish the boxing academy here.

Municipal Council Bhiwani

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