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Brief note on the History of the town/city

Fatehabad is a city and a municipal council in Fatehabad district in the state of Haryana, India. Fatehabad is a beautiful City situated in the middle of Hissar and Sirsa. Fatehabad is Famous because of Milk generated from Fatehabad.

Firuz Shah Tuglaq (1351–88) shot these areas into prominence. The ruler came to have somewhat unusual fancy for the tract (Hisar). It is a great credit to him that he established new towns of Fatehabad and Hisar and built two canals; one taking off from Ghaggar at Phulad and following the course of Joiya up to the town of Fatehabad. After the death of Firuz (1388), chaos and confusion spread all round . The situation deteriorated still further when Timur invaded in 1398. During his marching, Timur invested Fatehabad which was captured without any opposition from the inhabitants. Lastly, the invader reached Tohana but he could not set- up his permanent rule over the area. He soon left for Samana after looting these areas. The areas of Fatehabad came under the control of MughalsBabar and Humayun. There is a small and beautiful mosque known as Humayun mosque at Fatehabad . The legend assigns the association of the mosque to the Mughal Emperor Humayun who in his flight after his defeat at the hands of Sher Shah Suri happened to pass through Fatehabad. Fatehabad was one of important Mahals during Akbar‘s time

Municipal Council Fatehabad

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