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Kaithal is said to have been named from the Sanskrit word “Kapisthala” which means the ” abode of monkeys”.  There is a pond to the east of the town called ” AnjanikaaTilla” where Anjani, the mother of Hanuman, the monkey’s God, is believed to have given birth to him.  The town itself is said to have been founded by Yudhishtra in commemoration of his victory over the Kauravas in the battle of Mahabharata.  It occupied an important strategic position during the early Hindu period.  Razia Sultana is said to have fought her last battle nearby in which she was killed.  Akbar renovated the town and built a fort here.  In 1676 the town fell in the hands of BhaiDesu Singh, a Sikh Chieftain whose descendants, the Bhais of Kaithal, ruled over the area till the territory was annexed to the British Government in 1843.

The town has numerous tombs of Sufi Saints like Sheikh Shahabuddin, Shahwaleit, Sheikh Teyub and Shah Kamal.  Sheikh Teyub also built a mosque during the reign of emperor Akbar.  Besides, there are also 108 Shiva Temples in the town and famous among these is ‘ Eleven Rudri Shiva Temple” which is the second of its kind in the country, except one at Kanshi.  This temple was built by the wife of Bhai Sh. Udai Singh about 250 years ago.  The Bidkiya Lake is one of the major features of the town and was built by one Bidkiya in the times of Aurangzeb.  The old fort built by Akbar was later demolished.  The Bhais of Kaithal built their own fort and palace, which stands out prominently on the banks of the Bidkiye Lake.  The palaces built by BhaiUdai Singh serves as rest house-cum-sub divisional magistrate office and residence.


At the time of creation of Haryana State,  ” Kaithal” was a tehsil-cum-sub-divisional headquarter of Karnal district.  In 1973, it was included in Kurukshetra district.  On 1st. November, 1989 Kaithal came into existence as a district headquarter on the map of Haryana State.



Kaithal district is bounded by Punjab in the north and north-west, Jind district in the south-west, District Panipat and Karnal in the south- east and the Kurukshetra district in the north-east.

Kaithal town is located 48 Kms. west of Kurukshetra.  It is situated on 290 42’-9” north latitude and 760 23’-49″ east longitude.  The main town is picturesquely situated on the bank of an extensive artificial lake called the “Bidkiya Lake “.  It is linked with surrounding important towns by metalled roads vizKarnal (60 Kms), Jind (55 kilometers), Kurukshetra (48 kilometers) and Ambala (80 Kms).  The Kurukshetra-Narwana branch railway-line also passes through this town.

Municipal Council Kaithal

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