• Over the past two decades, many countries in Asia have experienced rapid economic growth. This has led to a rapid rise in their urban population. The 74th Constitutional Amendment Act of India lays the foundation for a sustainable Urban Governance System in the Country. While the national governments pursue the goals of economic development, it is generally left for the local governments to manage the rapidly growing urban areas, and to provide the basic services to the residents. In India, Urban Local Bodies are the constitutionally provided administrative units, who provides basic infrastructure and services in urban areas i.e cities and towns. For urban areas, administration of basic civic amenities like water supply, drainage, public health and sanitation are also essential.

    To have better co-ordination and control on the working of municipalities in the State, the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department, Haryana was established on 1st April, 1982 . The Department was established to give impetus to the 74th Amendment of the Constitution and to lay a solid foundation for the Urban Development in the State of Haryana. Haryana is one of the most progressive States in India and its people are quite proactive in keeping themselves abreast of the changing global landscape.

  • The broad functions of the Directorate of Urban Local Bodies Department, Haryana are as given under:
    1. To provide the policy framework for the Urban Development in the State of Haryana.
    2. To facilitate the working of the Urban Local Bodies in the State.
    3. To maintain the civic amenities in the State.
    Various Functions and Duties performed by these wings
    Administrative Wing Town Planning Wing
    Establishment Wing Engineering Wing
    Accounts & Pension Wing Fire Wing
    Budget Wing Election Wing
    Statistical Wing
    Administrative Wing
    Headed by: Additional Director
    1. Establishment of Headquarter and field level Municipal Employees.
    2. Submission of report of the SC/BC Welfare Committee.
    3. Preparation of Administrative Report of the Department and Submission to Government in the prescribed time frame.
    Establishment Wing
    Headed by: Deputy Director
    1. Establishment/ Complaints/ Enquiries of State Level Employees i.e. Executive Officers, Secretaries, Municipal Engineers, Junior Engineers, Cheif Sanitary Inspectors, Accountants and Superintendents.
    2. Appointments of Municipal Employees under Ex-gratia, demand of Municipal Employees and strike matters, various training matters of Municipal Employees and creation/ upgradation of posts of the Municipalities.
    3. Ammendments in Municipal Service Rules.
    4. Imposition of taxes for the Municipalities.
    5. Encroachment / Unauthorized Construction of Municipal Lands.
    6. Lease, Sale and renting of Municipal properties.
    Accounts & Pension Wing
    Headed by: Accounts Officer
    1. Salaries and Other drawns from treasury
    2. Pension cases of municipal employees.
    Budget Wing
    Headed by: Deputy Director
    1. Monitoring of Income and expenditure of MCs.
    2. Budget of MCs, release for grants.
    3. Sanction for purchase of vehicles (Car, tractor, refuse collectors etc) for MCs.
    4. Loans and advances, audit inspections and audit paras of CAG.
    5. Monitoring and reviewing of recoveries of all type of taxes and audit fees .
    Town Planning Wing
    Headed by: Chief Town Planner
    1. Permission of Shopping Malls, Multiplexes, conversion of existing Cinemas into Multiplex.
    2. Levying of Security fees, Licence fees, Conversion charges, Development charges/EDC and Infrastructure Development charges.
    3. NCR matters of municipalities falling in NCR region.
    4. TP Schemes and Improvement Trusts Schemes.
    5. Regularization of unauthorized colonies in the Municipal limits.
    6. Approval of commercial building plans under old Municipal Corporation/ Council/ Committee limit.
    7. Constitution of Metropolitan Planning Committee and District Planning Committee.
    Engineering Wing
    Headed by: Chief Engineer
    1. To arrange funds from Government of India, State Government and other Financial institutions for development of infrastructure and civic amenities of ULB’s under different schemes.
    2. Implementation and cordination of various projects under different schemes such as JNNURM, UIDSSMT, NIUS, BSUP, UIDSSMT and IHSDP etc.
    3. To arrange administrative approval and technical sanction of estimates for various development works in all Urban Local Bodies.
    4. Formulation, Implementaion, Monitoring and Review of various SWM project.
    5. Monitoring of development works of ULBs.
    6. Monitoring of CM announcements.
    7. To devise Guidelines, Procedures and Framework for Creation and Maintenance of various Civic Amenities in Urban Local Bodies
    8. To provide Guidelines for taking appropriate actions and precautionary measures for having proper sanitation in all ULBs.
    9. To implement the execution of projects under PPP Mode in various ULBs.
    10. Monitoring and Review of implementation of low cost housing and sanitation under various schemes.
    Fire Wing
    Headed by: Fire Officer
    1. Establishment of Fire Staff.
    2. Maintenance of Fire Vehicles.
    3. Fire Training.
    4. Granting NOC for the fire safety point of view.
    Election Wing
    Headed by: Assistant Director (Elections)
    1. Constitution, classification & abolition of Municipalities.
    2. Extension/ exclusion of Municipal limits.
    3. Fixation/ recreation of seats.
    4. Delimitation of wards of MCs.
    5. Election of President/ Vice Presidents.
    6. Suspension/ removal of President/ Vice Presidents and members.
    7. Registration of Births & Deaths.
    8. Registration for proper control of Dogs.
    9. All other miscellaneous works.
    Statistical Wing
    Headed by: Assistant Statistical Officer
    1. Collection of Information of various types from Municipalities and other departments.
    2. Compilation of various reports submitted to Government of India, Government of Haryana and Various Corporations, Councils and Committees.


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