Water and Sewer Connection Services

In urban areas facilities of water supply and sewerage is provided by Municipal Corporation in Faridabad and Gurgaon only where as in all other municipalities, it is being provided by PHE Department.

How to apply:

  1. Citizen applying for water connection or sewer connection or both in Municipal Corporation Faridabad and Gurgaon can apply online while visiting the official website of the department www.ulbharyana.gov.in and choosing the tab of Water and sewer connection available in the category of online services.
  2. In the application form, following fields are to be filled up:
  3. Name of Municipal Corporation
  4. Locality/Colony
  5. Ward
  6. Category (Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Institutional in case of Municipal Corporation, Gurgaon whereas Residential/Commercial Booth/ Commercial SCF/ Commercial other/Industrial/Institutional in case of Municipal Corporation, Faridabad)
  7. Type of connection (water only/sewer only/Both) (no sewer connection is given in commercial Booth)
  8. Property ID
  9. Address of premises where connection is required
  10. Do you have any previous held connection on the above premises
  11. Is previous connection Authorised/Unauthorised
  12. Old customer ID of previous held connection on the above premises
  13. Date since unauthorised connection held
  14. Applicant Name
  15. Father/Spouse name
  16. Correspondence address
  17. Mobile Number
  18. E-mail ID
  19. Aadhar Number
  20. Name of document to be attached for photo ID ( Voter ID/ Aadhar Card / Driving License/ Smart Card/ Passport)
  21. No. of proof of ID
  22. Name of document to be attached for Ownership proof (Property Reister of MC/ Conveyance Deed/ Registry deed/ Allotment letter by Government approved agency/ Court Decree/ Registered lease agreement/ Requisition deed.)
  23. Licensed plumber
  24. Plot Size unit (Sq. Yds/Acre)
  25. Plot Size
  26. of floors
  27. of WC
  28. of urinals
  29. The payment can be made online through Payment Gateway after receiving fee detail from the concerned office through automated generated SMS and Email.

Upload the following documents:

Sr. No. Name of Document
1 Photo ID Mandatory
2 Ownership Proof Mandatory
3 Plumber Report Mandatory
4 Approved Building Plan (New connections Only)
5 House Tax Receipt (Existing Unauthorized Connection)
  1. After completing the process, please submit your application form.
  2. The fee will be calculated by the concerned officer of the concerned Municipal Corporation on following grounds:
  3. Connection charges
  4. Road cut charges
  5. Meter testing fees
  6. Penalty/charges for regularisation of unauthorised connections.

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