Issuance of occupation certificate

Issuance of occupation certificate

Issuance of occupation certificate

Basic Information:

After the construction of building as per approved building plan the applicant need to apply for grant of occupation certificate.

To view Haryana Right to Service Act, 2014. Please Click Here.
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Checklist for application submission:

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1.Fee & charges:
a. Composition Charges (as per composition policy, at the time of Occupation Certificate)
b. Pending Dues (if any)
2.Form BR-IV and V (refer Haryana Building Code 2017)
3.Valid Building Plan Permission Letter
4.As built drawings: Building Plans, Sections, Elevation (as demanded by the system software)
5.Site plan & Site report
6.Permission letter required for BPA/OC:
a. Access permission: B&R/NHAI etc
b. Central/State Pollution Control Board
c. Fire Department
d. Airport Authority of India
e. National Monument Authority
f. Water & Sewerage : PHED/MC
g. National Conservation Zone
h. Environment Clearance (as per EIA notification)
i. HAREDA (if applicable)
j. Any other NOC required as per the site location and other prevailing

Checklist for site verification and application verification:

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1.Check all uploaded documents pertaining to site and owner
2.Check for violation of any violation of any approved scheme
3.Check if constructed building is as per approved building plan/as per HBC and any additional construction to be judged as per composition policy.
4.Check site dimension while site inspection
5.Check for any violation /deviation as per Haryana Building Code 2017 or any government regulatory policy /act.

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